Doing it all for society and our customers

Doing it all for
society and our customers

Since our founding in 1930, we’ve consistently developed high-quality veterinary-use pharmaceuticals. We’ve contributed to the creation of a healthy, happy society by developing products that are easy for customers to use. We’re working to develop new drugs night and day on behalf of owners, veterinarians and their staff, livestock farmers, and everyone who consumes livestock products.


Doing it for valued
partners of pet owners

At Fujita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., we strive to safeguard owners’ love for their companion animals through the power of pharmaceuticals because we want them to be able to enjoy happy, heart-warming experiences with their valued companions throughout their lives. We aim to develop convenient pharmaceuticals that minimize adverse effects on the body as a way to enhance owners’ shared lives with their pets.

Protecting the
food we eat

Whether it’s meat, milk, or eggs, the foods that underpin our lifestyles and enrich our dining tables have to be supplied in a safe manner. At Fujita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., we develop veterinary-use pharmaceuticals for livestock animals such as cattle and swine in order to support livestock farmers. In this way, we contribute to food safety for all consumers through the power of pharmaceuticals.