Highly useful pharmaceuticals

Flagship products for livestock animals

Reproductive hormone drugs
in a syringe-shaped container

Fujita's reproductive hormones are supplied with pre-filled syringes to reduce the risk of misuse and contamination.

Features of Fujita drugs shipped in pre-filled syringes

The product name and dose are already noted on the syringe. Packaging is color-coded by product. Doses are filled under sterile conditions in a clean factory.

Pre-filled syringes are syringe-shaped containers that have already been filled with a drug.

Dinoprost T Inj. Fujita 1%

Prostaglandin F drug

Dinoprost T Inj. 1% 「Fujita」

Cloprostenol C

Prostaglandin F analog drug

Cloprostenol C

Fertirelin Inj.

GnRH analog drug

Fertirelin Inj. 「Fujita」

Fujita drugs shipped in pre-filled syringes are designed to reduce contamination and prevent errors such as dosage mistakes.

and dedicated applicator

We offer dedicated designed applicators for Ivermec PO and Flumethol, a pair of bovine anthelmintics that are poured on the back, and for oral toltrazuril drugs for swine.
In addition, we now offer Ivermec PO in packaging variants ranging from a trial size (100 mL) to economy size (10 L).

PO Drencher and DoseMaster are designed to be easy to administer, even for someone with the average Japanese grip strength.

Ivermec® PO

Anthelmintic skin pour-on drug

Ivermec® PO


Anthelmintic skin pour-on drug


Porcine Coccitol® 10%

Toltrazuril drug for swine

Porcine Coccitol® 10%

V Drencher is a drench syringe from Fujita Pharmaceutical that combines the smoothness of a piston mechanism with the feel of using up all of the product.

Formulated with painstaking attention
to the concentration of active ingredients

Our orally administered toltrazuril drugs for cattle and swine are designed ingeniously so that they are easy for even calves and piglets to swallow, and they have an active ingredient concentration that makes them easy for livestock farmers to administer.
Depending on the concentration to which it is diluted, Permethrin Emulsion 「Fujita」 insecticide can exterminate five kinds of pest in livestock barns and eight kinds of ectoparasite or pest in livestock animals and poultry.

Concentrations make it easy to convert the dose to correct for body weight!

Bovine Coccitol® 15%

Toltrazuril drug for cattle

Bovine Coccitol® 15%

Concentrated to make it easy to administer to piglets!

Porcine Coccitol® 10%

Toltrazuril drug for swine

Porcine Coccitol® 10%

Dilute as appropriate for the pest you wish to target!

Permethrin Emulsion「Fujita」

Pyrethroid insecticide

Permethrin Emulsion 「Fujita」

Fujita Pharmaceutical’s toltrazuril drugs feature a mild taste so that they’re easy to swallow.


The Dissolvable Amoxicillin Powder 「Fujita」 series and Cefazolin Inj. 「Fujita」
antibiotics have earned high praise from farmers.
This page introduces these two drugs, which are required to dissolve readily regardless of breed, application, and method of administration.

Dissolve in water or mix with feed, and give to the animals.

Dissolvable Amoxicillin Powder

Penicillin antibiotic drug

Dissolvable Amoxicillin Powder
10%/20%/70% 「Fujita」

Dissolve in saline solution or injection water and inject.

Fujita Cefazolin Inj.

Cephalosporin antibiotic drug

Cefazolin Inj. 「Fujita」