Sm“Smart Factory” that delivers high quality

“Smart Factory”
that delivers high quality

We’re minimizing human error and maintaining high-quality
manufacturing structures by automating manufacturing processes
and introducing systems that utilize smart devices throughout operations ranging
from raw material acceptance to manufacturing and product shipment.

Managing highly precise information in an integrated manner

By connecting systems that link smart devices’ camera functionality with peripheral equipment such as barcode readers and scales to the ERP system we use to centrally manage information so that data can be updated in real time, we’re able to manage highly precise information in a centralized manner and streamline operations throughout our factories.



Immediate identification
of the causes of problems

When a product experiences a product defect, identifying the cause and developing countermeasures is an urgent priority.
Since all information collected by smart devices is managed in an integrated manner by our ERP system, we gain instant traceability.



Prevention of human error
through automation

At Fujita Pharmaceutical, we began automating processes using multifunctional robots early on so that we could ensure high quality.
This approach prevents human error and uses data management to keep problems from occurring.