Creating a happy society by developing
veterinary-use pharmaceuticals

Safeguarding animal life,
as if it were human life

Fujita Pharmaceutical develops safe,
high-quality veterinary-use pharmaceuticals based on the philosophy of
“safeguarding animal life, as it if were human life.”
We strive to deliver ease of use and peace of mind from a
customer-oriented approach while staying attuned to customer feedback and concerns,
whether from families, veterinary clinics, or livestock farms. Going forward,
Fujita Pharmaceutical will continue to embrace the challenge of developing
new drugs while building relationships of trust that resonate with customers.

Embracing the challenge of
even better quality and convenience

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    Doing it all for
    society and our customers

    We’re working to create a new future by continuing to safeguard a healthy, happy society through the development of veterinary-use pharmaceuticals.

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    Developing convenient pharmaceuticals that inspire peace of mind

    We strive continually to deliver pharmaceutical ease of use from the customer’s perspective. By supporting and safeguarding animal health, we supply new value to society.

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    Satisfying rigorous standards, just like human-use pharmaceuticals

    We manufacture veterinary-use pharmaceuticals that satisfy rigorous standards, just like human-use pharmaceuticals. These product satisfy manufacturing management and quality control standards put in place by the Japanese government.

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Delivering high quality
Smart factories

Our proprietary approach to manufacturing incorporates
automation of manufacturing processes and smart factory
technology to ensure product quality.
Through the functioning of these two systems,
we are able to supply high-quality products on an ongoing basis.

Highly convenient
Fujita pharmaceuticals

We develop veterinary-use pharmaceuticals for applications
in a broad range of product domains, from livestock animals
such as cattle and pigs to small animals like cats and dogs.
We cultivate an uncompromising commitment to ease of use
and strive to develop products that are easy to administer.